Constant (A prompt response)

Love is not constant; Love grows, changes, dies, and is reborn. Love is the beginning and the end starting with our hearts and ending with… well, does love really end or does it just simply change form?  The twists and tangles of love often force us to grow, to rethink who we are in this dark and lonely world, and that may not be a bad thing.

Jesus said in John 15:12 “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” Imagine if did that how much better the world would be. Imagine how we can change not only our hearts but the world, with something as simple as love. 

Love is growth of the mind, the heart, and the body – that is a constant.



Distorted thoughts race across my mind. Like the branches of an old oak tree, they tangle and twist as the pressure bottled up inside my veins is ready to escape. Calming noise no longer drowns out the misery that anxiety has brought. “Turn it up,” I tell myself as I gradually increase the volume to engulf my thoughts; to quiet them down. The conflict between the two is striking, yet it works. Ill “turn it up” to tune out my thoughts. Peace is elusive. Maybe a vacation will do. Time by the beach is healing, I’ve been told.

The Origin Story

I have always been a creative person, I was just never any good at it. I tried painting, that went okay. I tried the guitar; Jimmy Hendrix I am not. I cannot draw a straight line to save my life, and the only thing that comes natural to me is building things but I often dont have the time to start or finish a project.

Writing is new. It all started when I read a book atop the New York Times Best Sellers List and was inspired by part of the story. So, I took that inspiration and now, 100 pages in, I find myself writing my first fiction novel. My wife would say I over allocate my time and dont spend enough time with her or the boys, and that is probably true. Currently, I have 2 jobs (I am at the professional level in one, and my second job is my “fun” job where I am the “sound guy” for a rather large church here in Vegas.) As if that wasn’t enough, I am building a “Tiny” home, am consulting on a construction project, and trying to finish not just 1 but 2 books I have started (the 2nd book being a religious book about Family dinners).

The idea for this blog came because I have become interested in writing this last year. Creating worlds and characters is an amazing journey. In the novel I am writing, the world I have created, and the characters in the story line have become real to me. Their struggles are my own (or maybe it’s really the other way around).

I hope to share with you all my writing, my characters, my stories. I will share poetry and songs I have written with the hope that you will enjoy at least some of what I present. Please follow me if you find my work enjoyable. I will share often so come back and enjoy more of my writing.

Thank you!

The Story of Now – Part 1

I’ve often thought about where I should begin, in time that is, in telling people the story of how I got here. I can’t say it was one singular event, or one singular decision but a series of bad choices, good fortune, and chance. My friends would say I’m one lucky son of a bitch and I guess that’s true. I was always taught to “think things through” and to not “be stupid.” I wasn’t stupid. Not at all.

See, the story of how I got here, where I am sitting right now, in this 3,000-square foot apartment on the 43rd floor of a glass clad building overlooking this magnificent town starts just a few blocks from here, in the alley behind Deveres bar. It happened one night as I stumbled out the back door. Well, it was more like I was kicked out really, but it doesn’t really matter how I got there, I got there. As I stumbled up from the wet ground, with a bit of blood coming from my top lip, I noticed a dark figure walking up to me. The silhouetted figure was tall, wearing a trench coat and a fedora. As it approached me, I noticed the figure start to take shape it. It wasn’t until she was right on top of me that I noticed how attractive she was. I was at first scared, but after seeing that tight blue dress on her, all fear went away.

In one of those straight-out-of-a-movie moments, she bent down to me and asked me for a light. I couldn’t know that that question would change my life. How could I? I didn’t have a lighter and was so inebriated I could barely stand on my own. But I was eventually able to stand up. And as I did, she moved even closer to me, I noticed her looking me up and down, and then, without warning, she said that I “would do” and to follow her.

Now I am not sure about you, but it doesn’t matter how fucking hot a woman is when you meet one in a dark alley and they “follow me” you feel a bit uneasy. I sure as the hell did. We walked in silence to the end of the building where she had a car waiting and a man standing with the door opened. As we walked closer to the car, no one said anything, not the lady, not the driver, and sure as the hell not me. I barely knew where I was and knew that I should not have drunk those last 6 beers. But it was one of those days.

I got in the car, without question, and sat down directly next to the lady in blue. I started to ask her name, but before I got more than 2 words out, she stopped me. “All will be revealed soon.” She said. What the fuck? Here I am, in the back of this car, with this strange, but gorgeous lady, going God knows where, and “all will be revealed soon.” Did she want my kidneys? She sure as the hell didn’t want a washed-up actor to be her escort for the night. Especially one who could barely walk or talk in the state I was in.

As we pulled up to a condo tower somewhere downtown, the doorman came to open the door. “Mrs. Spencer,” he said as he slightly bowed his head. “Welcome home.” Ahh, I thought, now I know her name, or at least her last name, and that she lived here. “Mr. Wells, welcome.” How did the doorman know my name? I followed the beautiful lady to the elevator, then in the elevator, then up to the 43rd floor.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” she said. “You will not ask questions. You will remove all your clothes, you smell like a brewery. There is a suit in the room to the left that you can change into. It is your size. I checked. Before you do that, you will shower. After you shower, and after you change, you will meet me on the patio, just through that door. Do you understand?” I still had no idea what the hell was going on, but… If you saw her, you wouldn’t ask questions either.

I did as I was told. As I approached her on the balcony, I noticed she had too had changed. Instead of the blue dress, she was now wearing a black dress with a glass of chardonnay in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. “Thank you for joining me, Mr. Wells.” She said not turning her head. “I have been wanting to meet you for a while.”

My Journey Begins

Welcome to my first, and very new, blog. This blog will be a place where I will share with the world my writings, thoughts, and anything I find or think is interesting and have a need or desire to write about. There will be a lot of different ideas, themes, and genre’s presented but there will be NO politics.

A bit about me. I am 36 and live in Las Vegas. Married with two kids. I have spent my professional life in construction and government contracting and love to build things both tangible and intangible like this blog. When I am not busy building things, or writing things, I am on staff at a rather large Church where I lead the Worship Technology team and create a lot of the media seen throughout the week and on Sundays.

I love Las Vegas. By Las Vegas standards, I have been here a while (5+ years) and am still finding out things about vegas. Like, did you know that there is over 60,000 miles of water pipes underground? Or that there is an “underground river” running right under the strip? Both are true.

Thank you for joining me on this ride, and I hope that what I write here will spark something creative in you!